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Collected here are some interesting practical discoveries made while working in various applications.  

By establishing Database Table Naming conventions early, one can establish consistency over the life of the database.

Use of Domains , also known as User Defined Data Types, is an effective aid to design and implement consistent databases.

Excel Memory Leaks occur when Excel allocates objects "under the covers", but those objects are never released. When producing a large number of workbooks from a single run of a Visual Basic application, if the number of leaks is too numerous, the Visual Basic application will eventually fail.

Excel .Formula can fail on cells containing more than 1,024 characters.

Excel Performance can be enhanced, when assigning values to a range of worksheet cells, by using range assignments instead of individual cell assignments.

Differences between Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) and Mozilla browsers in Document Object Model (DOM) Navigation cause JavaScript which works in IE to not work in Mozilla.

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