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Paul Chouinard, Ph. D.
President and CEO of Llewellyn, Inc.

Recent Llewellyn Inc. projects include systems, using Internet technology and relational databases, to collect and report:

  • employee attitude and customer satisfaction surveys,
  • 360-degree leadership evaluation,
  • restaurant outlet counts by geography and restaurant type, and
  • management strategic planning information.

Using software developed by LI, a major client has collected online surveys from millions of respondents since 1999 from various Fortune 500 companies worldwide.  

Dr. Chouinard has done extensive data modeling and system re-engineering using Erwin as his primary data modeling platform.

Prior to founding Llewellyn, Inc., Dr. Chouinard worked extensively in marketing research for A.C. Nielsen (ACN) and before that for Information Resources, Inc (IRI), and the American Hospital Association.

Information Resources, Inc.

American Hospital Association

Education and Teaching


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